New neogeographers grow with the “conoscere per conoscerci” work experience project

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Anna De Meo
Andrea Di Somma


The widespread adoption of new geographical information tools, bringing different techniques and new forms of production and sharing of contents, is transforming traditional geography and changing the way to produce cartography. 'User-created' cartography, also referred to as collaborative mapping, is a growing phenomenon, thanks to the easy construction of GPS-based itineraries in smartphones. "Conoscere per conoscerci " is a work experience project run by CNR-ITABC that involved three schools in the Rome area. Students using innovative tools and on-line applications (neo-geographic practices) took part in GISDay 2016, an event organized by ESRI. They visited three key locations in their area (Villa Borghese in Rome, the historical town-center of Monterotondo, and Villa Adriana in Tivoli) to build a web map and to promote digital storytelling as an innovative learning method.

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