edited by Vittorio Midoro and Wilfried Admiraal
Edizioni Menabò DIDATTICA
Pubblicato nel: 2003
Pagine: 77


This book describes the basic assumptions which inspired the ULEARN project and its main outcomes. Contributions mainly come fram partner institutions. The book is a valuable resource for teachers, researchers and experts in the field of education, who are interested in teacher prafessional development, teachers communities of practice and school system innovation.


ULEARN partners

School innovation, ICT and pioneer teachers 9

Allan Martin

The ICT pioneer teachers: towards a European curriculum 17

Vittorio Midoro

ICT in teachers' practice and professional development 29

Charlotte Rosenbeck - Ulla Gjerling - Leo Hejsholt-Poulsen

Pedagogical ICT facilitators 39

Stefania Bocconi - Francesca Pozzi - Manuela Repetto

Towards a European community of pioneer teachers 43

Wilfried Admiraal - Sanne Akkermann - Ineke Lam

Teachers competencies and professional development from a practitioners view57

The Frascatians

Four portraits of the European future of ULEARN73

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